Friday, July 31, 2009

Canning carrots

It is interesting that I found it fun to write about, asparagus, corn, okra, beets, and green beans; yet when it comes to carrots, that topic just seems boring. Perhaps it is because I've never pickled them so they just seem plain to me. Perhaps it is because I've never liked them much to begin with.

There seem to be a lot of recipes for pickled carrots. I think this weekend I will pick one and try it. I might like it (even if it is carrots).

In the mean time here are instructions for canning plain old boiled carrots (sliced or diced). If you want to use salt, put canning salt in the jar before you add the carrots. Use 1/2 tsp for a pint jar, or 1 tsp for a quart jar.

You can boil the carrots for five minutes before you put them in the jars (that is called the hot pack method), or you can put them into the jars raw and pour boiling water over them (that is called the cold pack method). Either way leave 1 inch headspace, and process using the pressure canner method. Process pints for 25 minutes, or quarts for 30 minutes.


  1. Hi Ms. Charlotte!

    Momma said she just never even thought of canning carrots. Maybe it is b/c we eat so many raw!

    Please come visit my blog later today to see just what that plant was you tried to guess about....I'll give you a hint. It is VERY southern!

    Also, Ben said to tell you that he is still working on the canning ebook. He has had quite a few visitors to his store from Canning Jars Etc. He wanted me to also tell you that he has added a free book to his store page. Ben wants you to be able to try it out if you are interested.
    Just enter the store and the button is on the left highlighted in yellow.

    Thanks for posting on carrots!

  2. Now isn't this something. I never once thought about canning carrots. I know my mother and grandmother didn't. Of course, it may have had something to do with the soil here being so rocky that we couldn't grow a decent carrot!!

  3. I canned carrots a few years ago. This year I have a beautiful crop... but I'm wishing that I planted MORE for canning!

    We've been so enjoying them pulled fresh from the garden!

  4. I have canned carrots before. I really enjoyed eating what I have canned.


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