Monday, July 27, 2009

Decorating Canning Jars

I will have to start all over making Christmas presents, but that is perfectly OK. It turns out that my treats are going to a better cause.

You see, the 3 year old granddaughter of a coworker of mine had to have her right eye removed because of cancer. I borrowed a picture of the girl from A child that age grows so fast, that a prosthetic eye has to be re-sized quite often. In fact, if the eye is not re-sized often enough to keep the pressure in the socket about equal to the pressure from the real eye, then the bones on each side of the face can actually start growing at a different pace, leading to a lopsided face. If you have ever felt that your child grows faster than you can get new clothes, then imagine how many eyes this girl will go through.

My jams will be among the items auctioned off for this girls fundraiser. Since I spent the weekend decorating the jars and boxing them up for the auction, I decided to write a post about different ways that canning jars can be made to look a little fancier. This is especially nice if you are giving food as gifts.

A very simple thing to do is simply tie a ribbon on the jar. You can also cut a circle or square of fabric and temporarily use a rubber band to hold it on the jar while you tie a ribbon on. If the rubber band is a pretty color, then you can just leave the rubber band in place and forget the ribbon. You can also put the cloth under the screw band. offers a Decorative Jar Topper Kit. This has elastic bows, so you get the ease of using a rubber band, but it looks prettier than just a rubber band.

Another idea is crazy quilt jar toppers. These use up very small scraps of fabric. Queen of the Castle Recipes has a very nice post about these.


  1. What a sweet girl! You are awesome for what you are doing!
    I love your web site, I just discovered it a few days ago! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. What a terrific way to help this precious little one!

  3. Charlotte, {{hugs}} to you for your kind and loving heart and {{hugs}} to that precious little girl for her courage and smile.

  4. That is so sweet of you. I have a friend who had cancer and had her eye removed when she was an infant. She went through the whole process and still has to get a new fitting once in a while. Kudos to you!

  5. Ms. Charlotte,

    Please post when you can on how the fundraiser went.

    Momma had a friend who's daughter had cancer in the eye, too. Momma said that the first years were the hardest for the little girl, but later when her growth slowed, it became better. She is still cancer free!

    I hope Jaclyn continues to be strong and is cancer free permanently!


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